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Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Long Live Artists

Trying to be kinder and gentler to myself, as a cartoonist who wants to keep making comics.

This is episode 20 of my weekly webcomic series about the creative process! 

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How to be an artist for the long-haul. Panel 1 shows a girl with a bun and a hot cup of tea, fluffy slippers. Panel 2 shows girl cooking over a stove, with text “Take lunch breaks.” Panel 3 shows girl doing yoga; text reads “Eat well. Exercise.” Panel 4 shows girl asleep on yoga mat; text reads “Rest and self-care.” Panel 5, text only: “To be an artist for the short-term…” Panel 6, crazed-looking artist running with a brush, exclaiming that “I’ll sleep when I die!” Final panel cuts to grave stone: “R.I.P. Artist.” From weekly webcomic series Connie Sun, cartoonconnie for Tinyview, ep 20 titled “Long Live Artists”


Robert said...

The writer Rita Mae Brown, in her book of advice for writers, says the same thing. I forget her exact words, but I seem to remember "If you are a writer, exercise for writing. Sleep for writing. Eat good food for writing...."

She also recommended overhead lighting behind the writer so that they would reduce the eyestrain.

Best wishes for good health, Connie

anna in spain said...

Stay well, Connie. We need you out here.