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Friday, June 26, 2020

Things You Can Hug If You're Single In A Pandemic

I drew this cartoon back in March, but never got around to sharing it.

This was a hard and scary time. We were at the beginning of several months of pandemic shutdown. Covid-19 cases were surging and we quickly became the epicenter of the health crisis in the country.

Suddenly, there were toilet paper and baking supply shortages and we had no idea when we would next see our friends and family or what the following months would bring.

Now, as New York's cases drop, we're now witnessing the virus spread like wild fires across the country and around the world. It is still a hard and scary time.

If you're struggling right now, this cartoon may not be very comforting. But it does remind me that I did my best on the hard days.

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sketchbook: Father's Day Drawing

I texted this drawing to my dad today and he texted back in Chinese:

"Thank you. But my eyebrows have not gone completely white."
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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Pandemic Diary: Maybe It's An Opportunity

The Chinese term for "crisis" is a combination of the characters risk + opportunity.

Even so, it doesn't mean that I'm ready for it!

I speak only for myself ;)

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crisis = risk + opportunity, comic strip, humor, readiness, cartoon, pandemic diary, sketchbook, drawing, illustration, connie sun, cartoonconnie
venn diagram, crisis equals risk plus opportunity

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Mentally Pacing Myself

I've been running on emotional extremes  lately and, yesterday, I hit a wall.

It's funny how small things can break us when we are stretched thin and tired. I have to keep reminding myself to pay attention to when I reach the end of my energy.

Self-care can be as simple as going for a walk, doing chores, and checking in with friends. They can make a big difference.

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sketchbook cartoon about dealing with extreme emotions, emotional exhaustion, knowing your limits, and self-care, diary comic, connie sun, cartoonconnie

Thursday, June 04, 2020

'Black Lives Matter' To Me Because

The U.S. is in a painful reckoning right now. The truth about ourselves is messy, painful, and necessary.

My own reckoning has led me to examine where I fit into the historical context of this country as an Asian American daughter of first generation immigrants.

I found this childhood memory in my brain that I remembered because I didn't understand it at the time. I'm pulling it out now because I think it is a small piece of a larger puzzle.

This is not an easy conversation in the Asian American community, but let's have them anyway.

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Monday, June 01, 2020

Sketchbook Repost: Maya Angelou On Using Your Anger

Whenever I feel at a loss, I go back to this advice that Maya Angelou gave comedian Dave Chappelle in a 2006 "Iconoclasts" interview. I'm reposting for myself and the exquisite pain of this moment in the story of this country.

"If you're not angry, then you're either a stone or you're too sick to be angry. You should be angry. But you must not be bitter. Bitterness is like cancer; it eats upon the host. It doesn't do anything. So use that anger, yes. You write it, you paint it, you dance it, you march it, you talk it. You never stop talking it." - Maya Angelou 

Let us use it, focus it, and vote it.

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