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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Treading Softly Into Another Year

Happy new year and safe passage. Let us step lightly through. 

Thank you for following along the journey

Taking It A Day At A Time, Part 3

The barred owl of Riverside Park. I've recently taken up casual birdwatching. 

Safe passage into the new year. 

Thanks for reading along

Sketchbook illustration of birdwatchers in Riverside Park, New York City, barred owl drawing by Connie Sun, cartoonconnie

Taking It A Day At A Time, Part 2

Sunset and full moon, Hudson River. Taking it a day at a time and taking the time I need.

May we be granted safe passage.

Thanks for reading along

Comic illustration page of a sunset and full moon in New York City, by Connie Sun, cartoonconnie

Taking It A Day At A Time, Part 1

Snow, rain, and frozen-over puddles. Taking it a day at a time and taking the time I need. 

May we be granted safe passage. 

Thank you for reading

Comic illustration page drawn from scenes in Riverside Park, New York. Drawing of a snowman, torrential rain over cityscape, a walk in the park with kids playing on frozen puddles. Cartoon by Connie Sun, cartoonconnie

Thursday, December 17, 2020

More Heart Therapy

Me and my weird heart are currently working out our problems in therapy :)

New comic about working through difficult emotions in therapy, blaming behaviors, and learning the social skills to be "dateable."

Thanks for following the journey, lol.

Comic illustration about learning social skills for dating in therapy with a cartoon heart, emotions, blaming, by connie sun, cartoonconnie

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Friday, December 04, 2020

Life Would Be Easier If...

New cartoon about learning to deal with difficult emotions in therapy, which I recently started. Life would be less messy without 'em, but also less interesting. 

Thanks for everyone's patience as I attempt to grow as a person. 

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Cartoon illustration about emotional, getting therapy and prioritizing mental health wellness. Image of a woman and her heart sitting on a couch. Drawing by Connie Sun, cartoonconnie