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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Heart Hug

Learning to be kind to yourself is a very hard lesson to learn, especially for BIPOC and anyone in this world, socialized to feel that they are somehow inferior or not good enough. I'm trying though, like my life depends on it.

Other updates: I have a new comic up on Tinyview this week. Best viewed on your phone. https://tinyview.com/connie/2021/06/23/ep6-make-obstinate-art

Thanks for reading and supporting.

4-panel webcomic strip about giving your heart a hug, by Connie Sun, cartoonconnie. Text: Sometimes your heart needs a hug. There doesn't have to be a reason. Heart, word bubble: "Well, it took you long enough."

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Serenity Gag and New "Creative Notes" Comic

Working through a lot this month. Hope to come out the other side a stronger person. 

This is an old gag cartoon I drew in my sketchbook that I'm sharing for the first time. 

I also published a new vertical scroll comic for Tinyview, which is free and best read on your phone. "Creative Notes" is a new comic series that I'm publishing weekly, with aspiring artists and creatives in mind. 

First episode on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CQMaC4EjaGZ/

Download the free app here https://tinyview.com/connie

Thanks for all your support.

Single-panel cartoon of a women on a mountain top, exerting great effort to be zen. Caption reads: "Please grant me the serenity to not need external validation or social media likes to be happy." Comic by Connie Sun, cartoonconnie
Comic series "Creative Notes" new episode preview, by Connie Sun, cartoonconnie, for Tinyview Comics

Friday, June 11, 2021

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Even When You're Doing Fine

New comic strip about everyday mental health and how therapy is helping me right now. 

Other announcements:

I also published a new episode of "Creative Notes," my new weekly comic for Tinyview Comics. If you need some creative motivation, these comics are designed to be read on your phone. Check out https://tinyview.com/connie or download the free app on the app store!

I'm also participating in a Columbia panel discussion with Asian-American artists on June 10 from 12-1pm EST. You can listen to a recording of Part 1 here and register for the June 10 event here https://sps.columbia.edu/events/nuances-racial-bias-america-making-art-response-anti-asian-hate-part-two

Comic strip about everyday mental health and the role of therapy, by Connie Sun, cartoonconnie, sketchbook cartoon

Friday, June 04, 2021

My Only Plan After A Long Week

Sometimes I'm too tired to have fun, but then, I can always pretend I'm more fun than I am. 

Have a great weekend :)

In case you missed it, I'm drawing a new comic series on the Tinyview app in a vertical scroll format. You can check it out on the app for free: https://tinyview.com/connie 

Sketchbook comic about being too tired to have fun after a long week, by Connie Sun, cartoonconnie

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Update: New Comic Series on Tinyview

Something new! I'm starting a comic series on Tinyview Comics

Creative Notes is a weekly comic series about the funny highs and lows of the creative process. 

Tinyview allows me to draw comics in a vertical scroll format, which I am very excited about! I've been looking for ways to expand my storytelling.

Download the mobile app on the App Store to read the first 3 episodes!

"Creative Notes" is a new weekly comic series by Connie Sun about the highs and lows of the creative process for Tinyview app, cartoonconnie, https://tinyview.com/connie
"Creative Notes" is a new weekly comic series by Connie Sun for Tinyview app, cartoonconnie, https://tinyview.com/connie