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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Me And My Weird Heart

Quick update: This fall, I finally decided to get help and am now working with a therapist.

I’ve been struggling with depression for years, trying all manner of coping and cartooning through it. It was getting too difficult and starting to affect my creativity.

For those who have been following my comics, I want to share that I’m prioritizing my mental health. I’ll continue to post updates, in case you can relate.

It has been such a challenging year for so many of us. If you’re also dealing with something hard, you’re not alone. Wishing you solace and strength this season.

Thanks so much for reading and supporting.

Cartoon illustration about getting therapy and prioritizing mental health wellness. Image of a woman and her heart sitting on a couch. Drawing by Connie Sun, cartoonconnie


Robert said...

I've been wondering...even worried. Loved the cartoons, both the wisdom and the evident pain. Wishing you the very best on your journey....I'm certain that you will come out on the other side stronger, better, happier, and wiser with a new set of tools for living...and knowing what those words mean for you.

Best wishes,


Bookworm said...

Been there, done that, and it helped quite a bit. Stay with it, and also try other forms of therapy. I'm now doing EFT (tapping) and meditation. Echoing Robert's good wishes on your journey.

bassgirl said...

Thank you for sharing your situation. I am so glad you are getting help and making it a priority. You are special and deserve the best! Mega hugs!

anna in spain said...

Getting help when you know you need it, is wisdom. Wishing you find a perfect fit with a therapist.

Another introverted Connie said...

Praying for your health, emotionally, physically, and spiritually! As my alter ego, I look forward to your return as a stronger, better Connie. Hugs! :)

Anonymous said...

Hugs and well wishes! I've read your comics off and on for 2 years, and they've made me smile inside when I felt sad, stressed, or lonely, so thank you and good luck from a stranger. :)