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Thursday, April 09, 2020

Pandemic Diary: Struggling Mental Game

(Author's note: I've been keeping a sketchbook journal to help me to process and manage anxiety around the coronavirus pandemic, somewhat different from my usual comics.)

This week, I'm struggling with mental game. I think this is normal. Emotions are up and down.

I've been trying different coping strategies, but I find I need to keep adjusting them day by day.

Talking with friends and daily dance breaks have been helpful, but I find I have to balance it out with silence and solitude. I'm also terrible at dancing, it turns out ;)

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anna in spain said...

Exactly where I'm at. I feel frozen, just unable to decide to do anything. I have started breaking tasks into bite sized pieces and doing one or two, telling myself I don't have to finish today, because otherwise I get overwhelmed. I wish I could sleep for a month and wake up to a bright new day.

WaitingMan said...

Spring is here and the time is right for dancing off the beat.