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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Pandemic Diary: Quarantine Lonely

I've been keeping a visual diary during these pandemic days and have now reached the stage of self-isolation when I examine all of my personal failings and regrets. LOL.
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norwesterly said...

This one... hit home.

Damn. The first few panels with the imagined person though... that one's actually something that I sometimes fantasize about. That set is not new to me.

anna in spain said...

Imagined people have the best conversation. Until you really, really need another flesh and blood person.

Like now.

m said...

Maybe you could use a penpal to cheer you up and provide some distraction? I'm at it right now, actually, skimming the penpals subreddit... (I'm u/max_rnd, by the way. I'm totally unexperienced though - usually way to shy and lack self-confidence too much to know what's best to write.)