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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Knowing Your Pain Threshold

My hand is healing and I'm better, but not before going through a full range of hard emotions.

This is not a funny one, but I want to share what I'm learning about stages of pain, both physical and emotional. Doctors used to tell me that I have a "high" pain threshold, but it serves me less these days.

Especially in times of stress, I'm learning that it's important to name the pain you feel, when you feel it. Seems like it's critical to the healing process.

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anna in spain said...

There are many kinds of pain. Chronic, unending physical pain can cause us to react to any emotional stress as if lashed with a whip. Chronic emotional stress (such as being locked in your small apartment for 7 weeks and counting) can make any physical pain nearly unbearable. I speak from experience on both counts.

anna in spain said...

Oh, and just because you can stand a lot of pain, either physical or emotional, doesn't mean you should. Or should have to.