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Wednesday, June 05, 2019

A Hair Emergency

I don't like getting my hair cut, so I tried cutting it myself for the first time. Weird flex but ok :)

First, thank you to loyal readers and friends who have followed along over the years! Starting up a new DIY career path has meant learning new skills and staying on track through the roller coaster ride of uncertainty. I couldn't do it without your backing and words of encouragement. I'm about to start phase 2 of my career transition and take on new challenges. Watch this space in the coming months for more updates!


WaitingMan said...

I used to cut my own hair. Easy for me, a man with a buzz cut. Then I realized that even a buzz cut looks better when done by a professional. No more self haircuts. If your self-cut looks as good as the drawing, it's fine. Best wishes for the next phase of your career.

anna in spain said...

I once tried to cut my own bangs. I watched a Youtube video and did everything as shown. She twisted her bangs first one direction, then the other, then trimmed. I did the same, I swear I did the same--and it came out jagged and uneven and weird. Obviously something vital was edited out.

Same goes for "craft" videos on YT. Never comes out quite the same, does it.