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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What Single People Want

This is my hunch ;)


Anonymous said...

What ich really hate is the lack of commitment.

You message peple and one of them actually start a cinversation. From these people 1/4 actually maintain the conversation. From those 1/4 actually meet up. From those 1/4 want a second date.

Im expecting everyone to love me instantly. Some people just dont match. But if we do something like: If we're a match we have at least 5-10 back and forth before either one makes a decision.

Then, if both agree: At least 3 dates of more than one hour.

Id prefer 3 committed matches over 100 uncommitted people who judge based on your first 2 questions.

Anonymous said...

Correction: "You message 4 people"

"Im NOT expecting"

Ms Hen's said...

I've been using online dating since 2003... since 42 years old and now almost 56 years old. I learned so much from each person I met in NYC.. jobs; history; culture; backgrounds and on and on.... just never found True Love <3 Just dating someone 6 weeks and learned too much about why he was divorce; and not a good idea to date him. I stop for awhile and then go back on and now have another date planned. :).. Hard to meet anyone working from home; and going to mainly women groups; and living in an area of mostly married couples. :) Breaks are essential.. long breaks at times. :)

I feel it is worse for men of my age group. A woman does not have to read profiles first; (time consuming) or write first; or have to ask for a number; or have to drive close to her area; or have to pay (men of my generation do not like a woman to pay. Or have to ask for a 2nd date and be rejected. If I was a man I would not keep going back online since my divorce. :) (just my 2 cents... well 10 cents);)

I LOVE this one..
Thank you.

emma.. staten island nyc

dinosaurpirate said...

I met my wife on Craigslist just over 10 years ago. The only uncomfortalbe moment we've ever had since is explaining how we met. Hang in there!