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Monday, January 23, 2017

Things That Can't Be Undone with Money/Power

Aging process. History, forever. Social progress. Collective consciousness.

Count on it.


anna in spain said...

Unfortunately social progress can indeed be undone. I direct the interested reader's attention to the history of Egypt over the past 40 years or so.

Ms Hen's said...

..and sadly history is often re-written; and the conquerors only tell their side of the story (all twisted and distorted and egotistically) (justifying their wrongs; or making it seem they had no choice; or for their own unbalanced theories). Like Thanksgiving in America.. it really is a horrific day to celebrate; after what was done to the Native Americans in the long run :(

We can say give it all back; but I was born here and I'm a mutt (Italian; Norwegian; Polish and Ukraine).. I can not divide myself into 4 parts and go to 4 countries.. to give back this land to the rightful owners/caretakers.. no one can really own anything. We are all collectively guilty; but most of the people I know and love are doing their best to live conscious lives. (and I avoid the others now).

So many injustices ... and more going on now in America. I was not upset Trump ran for President. He is egotistically. I was upset that so many vote for him. :(.. that is the real scary part. The collective madness of this society :( emma.. nyc

anna in spain said...

And the self-styled "liberals" I know who were not ready to vote for a woman candidate, so instead of voting for an independant, they just...you know...didn't vote.

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