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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Debating with Ray Bradbury

This is all with tremendous respect to Ray Bradbury, his wisdom, and body of work. Ever an inspiration.

"Stand at the edge of the cliff, jump off it, and build your wings on the way down."


Brian Fies said...

I never liked that advice, nor "follow your bliss." Those are easy things for very successful people to say, and they sound great. I even know a few folks who've made it work. But I also know folks who've crashed and burned in a horrible fiery wreck of melted wax and feathers. Nobody ever interviews them to ask THEIR advice.

In real life, people have responsibilities and needs--money for food and shelter among them. I like the idea of working toward ambitions without being stupid about it. Have a plan for getting from here to there, and be honest with yourself about whether you're making progress. I think if you're trying to do a difficult thing, in a field in which a lot of talented people are fighting for a few golden rings, it's good to understand you might not succeed. That doesn't mean you're self-sabotaging or don't have enough faith in yourself. It just means you're not an idiot.

Unknown said...

Fully agree with the comment above

Anonymous said...

Me too!!

Unknown said...

Ray Bradbury started out as a pulp writer earning so many cents per word for his stories. No priviledge involved. He stuck to it and made a name for himself. A lot of similar writers never hit the big time. It's a risk. Do it when you're young so you can bounce back.

Upkar said...
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