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Friday, April 08, 2016

Be Kind Friday

Happy Friday and thanks for reading. It means everything to me.


Ethyl Formate, AKA http://thelma.smugmug.com/ said...

Truly, sometimes Friday is the hardest day of a hard week: we know the fight is over, but still we feel tense and tired, defeated. A little cake, a few lines of song, some chocolate milk, a nice Connie cartoon -- now ready to gird our loins and face the trials of the weekend! Thank you for sharing!!!

Unknown said...

This is how I like my empathic poignancy: Laced with a little dark absurdity. I think you've done the trick for all who see and feel, Connie!

anna in spain said...

Lots of people don't understand that the weekends are my busy time. So Fridays aren't TGIF around here either.