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Monday, September 20, 2021

Mooncake Holiday Rituals

Wishing everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, a season of plenty and gathering together. 

For the lonely and struggling, may you feel seen and loved. Have some mooncake. This is an unnecessarily long pandemic, but I hope there are clarifying moments of grace for everyone. 

Thanks for reading. Connie on Ko-fi

[5-panel comic about Mid-Autumn Festival and mooncake rituals]

Panel 1, full color, shows a lonely girl, wearing a mask, looking at a bright moon over a Central Park cityscape. Text reads: "It's almost Mid-Autumn Festival, a major lunar holiday, celebrated in parts of Asia to mark the harvest season, a time of plenty before the winter months."

Panel 2 is a flashback in grayscale, in which there are two figures comically fighting over gift-giving in the form of boxed mooncakes. Text: I used to think the competitive gift-giving rituals of mooncake exchange were over-the-top..."

Panel 3, text continued, "...but the older I get, the more I miss the shenanigans of having people to share mooncakes with." Shows a solitary figure, standing next to a tree, in an empty park, in full color. 

Panel 4 is another grayscale flashback of people eating wedges of mooncake and drinking tea at a holiday gathering. Text: "This has been harder to come by in pandemic times."

Panel 5 mirrors the first full-color panel of the lonely girl, present day, looking at the moon over a city backdrop. Final panel text reads: "At least there's still the moon."

5-panel comic about Mid-Autumn Festival and mooncake rituals by Connie Sun, cartoonconnie

1 comment:

Robert said...

The sky has been beautiful lately. I've managed to get out of the house and visit with friends outdoors in the evening under the light of the full moon.

If you can do so, go outdoors and look up.

Thanks for this reminder of one of the little pleasures of living.