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Thursday, July 01, 2021

Dopamine Rush, K-drama Crush

I'm just now learning about the addictive, dopamine-inducing nature of watching K-dramas. 

It's very stress-relieving and my grip on reality is also fading :)

Thanks for reading <3

Comic text: "If I feel worried, stressed, or depressed, the only thing that seems to calm me these days is having celebrity crushes on K-drama stars. It's like injecting dopamine directly into my veins." 

4-panel comic of a woman feeling anxious and stressed out, who discovers the stress relief of watching K-dramas. Just for fun sketchbook cartoon, diary comic, by Connie Sun, cartoonconnie


dinosaurpirate said...

Love this!

anna in spain said...

You're not alone. My husband is 76 and he got me into Kdrama. Romcoms are his favourite. He researches the actresses online and tells me all about them. Everyone needs a hobby I guess! The other night I woke up because I dreamed about people speaking Korean and I couldn't understand.