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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Sun Family Portrait

Happy (immigrant) mother's day <3

I drew this from a grainy photo taken with one of those ubiquitous 35mm film cameras from the 1990s. 

Nobody believes in the "American dream" more than immigrant parents, who leave everything behind to start over, often with very little, so that their kids have a chance at a better life.

We all did the best we could with what we had. This is the only life I know, the only place I call home. Asian-American is the closest thing to an identity that I can claim and, for all of its history, it's an honor. 

- In the photo, I'm sporting a classic, homestyle Asian kid bowl cut and a cotton tracksuit.
- For years, my mom would get her hair done in the style of news anchor "Connie Chung," who I was named after.
- In his youth, my dad's nickname was Bruce Lee's Chinese moniker, "Li Xiaolong." 
- My little brother grew up to be taller than me and have an amazing head of hair.

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Mother's Day Illustration, Asian-American family portrait drawn from a 1990s photo taken with a 35mm camera, by Connie Sun, cartoonconnie


Robert said...

Love this.

Your mom has beautiful hair! I remember Connie Chung. Your father is very distinguished looking.

Where is your brother now?

I hope it was a good day for all....

anna in spain said...

A beautiful family.