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Thursday, February 04, 2021

Sketchbook: Managing Depression

Managing mental health is a continuous, ongoing practice, I am learning. 

New sketchbook comic about the cyclical nature of managing ups and downs. 

If you too, hope you can find relief in small acts of self-care, like going for a walk, cooking a nice meal, or reaching out to someone you trust. I need a serotonin boost myself!


Sketchbook comic about the cyclical nature of managing mental health, illustration by Connie Sun, cartoonconnie


bassgirl said...

***virtual hug***

anna in spain said...

I asked my 17 year old English student the difference between sadness and depression. She replied, "Sad is how you feel; depressed is what you are." She meant, sadness is transitory, depression moves in.

We can evict depression, whether organic or traumatic in origin, but it takes time and some doing.

Nikita said...

Connie, you should submit a Google Doodle. The theme is strength and you are so brave by helping others feel less alone.


Connie Sun said...

Thanks for the thoughtful suggestion and kind words, Nikita!

Connie Sun said...

Anna: ah, that makes sense. It doesn't seem so easy to fix as a fleeting emotion. I've also heard it compared to a weather system versus climate, which is a longer-term average of weather over time.

Bassgirl: thank you, I appreciate it.