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Monday, March 16, 2020

Sketchbook: Oddly Comforting

* I'm keeping a sketchbook diary to help manage my anxiety over recent events.  

Posting this late, but this was me a few days ago. I had a little moment of feeling paralyzed and not knowing how to feel better. In addition to other hygiene recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, I'm disinfecting surfaces at home more, which is oddly comforting. The downside is that I'm sure I look like a crazy person :)

So many changes on a daily basis now. I just hope you're okay where you are, staying well, and staying home as much as possible during this critical time. (Great visualization of why it's so important for us all to do our part to "flatten the curve.")

More guidance from the WHO, my main source of updates, recommendations and moral leadership, in addition to specific guidelines from local government sources.

Gratitude to health professionals, first responders, and everyone on the front lines of this unfathomable crisis.

Trying to do my small part too. In this together.

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anna in spain said...

This made me laugh. The response of all my women friends to Spain's lockdown has been heavy cleaning! I guess when you can't leave the apartment it gives you something to do that shows positive results. I'm doing it myself but slower.

Think kindly of us. You can be fined 600 Euros for being outside without a definite purpose. Everything is closed but supermarkets, banks and pharmacies. People with dogs are allowed to take them out for a brief walk, so some have started renting their dogs to people who are going stir crazy. A man was fined for "walking" a stuffed toy dog yesterday. The police are out chasing people into their homes. I haven't left the apartment since last Friday. I have to go food shopping tomorrow (if there's anything left). My husband and I usually go together but as he is 74 he must stay home and anyway they only allow people in "in units"--no couples or groups, and only a certain number allowed in the supermarket at any one time. They say it will last until Easter. I say longer. I hope I'm wrong and Spain will rise again on Resurrection Sunday.

Myself, I pray daily that this plague remove itself from us.

Emerarudo エメラルド said...

I'm so sorry to hear what people are going through. I'm in San Francisco and I'm limiting my outside activity. I can't work at home and I have no job until May (or later). It's not too strict here yet but the streets are bare and businesses are closed. I know it's more serious in Spain, Italy and China. Let's keep our online communities going as much as possible. *hugs*

Connie Sun said...

I'm with you in NYC. Thanks so much for sharing how you're doing. Alone but together. And part of something bigger than the sum of parts. Let’s keep sane and each other safe. One love more than ever.❤️

I put up some throwback comics for comfort. https://www.instagram.com/p/B967cTSA3sr

anna in spain said...

Thanks, friends. One of the people I tutor English for offered to go to the supermarket and pharmacy for me. Made me cry, and that's not something I do easily. (I may want to, but find it hard). Trying to keep it positive. I tend to be mildly agoraphobic anyway, but this is no fun. We have been self-isolated for a week; they say 2 weeks, I think probably more than that, but I pray not.