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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Always Overthinking

Have you ever considered that the biggest fanny pack is a messenger bag? And that the biggest hacky sack is a bean bag? Just philosophizing ;)

These are random thoughts I had while waiting for the subway train. I have been writing and reflecting on heavy topics lately, so it's nice to take a break and play with nonsense ideas now and then.

My favorite thing about this comic is the elephant eye roll.
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WaitingMan said...

I obsess, therefore I am.

anna in spain said...

Do they still have bean bag chairs in the US? Back in the 70s my parents got an extended-body van that supposedly they were going to line with shag carpeting etc, so they just got the 2 front seats. The lining etc never happened of course so they just got half a dozen beanbags and left it at that. Darn that thing was cold for any riders in the Midwestern winters!