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Friday, February 17, 2017

Reality is Enough

News these days is a full range of emotions.


Crowbar of Comics said...

What is really bad is when my wife and I watched Terminator (1 and 2) as a means of escape.

Ms Hen's said...

I always say, "I love everyone in the world, but I don't like everyone." <3 :(

Yet, at 55 years old, I truly see the yin for the yang. I see so many unselfish acts of kindness; and I set ugliness too. Luckily in my realm these day, my own personal niches is beautiful and sweet, and the horrible stuff is not in close proximity of me. (still it hurts knowing it exists) :(

emma, staten island, the forgotten borough, nyc

CeeJay said...

At least fiction it just that...fiction. What is happening here in America can't be resolved by picking a different channel.

anna in spain said...

CeeJay, you are so right. And it's only just begun. Those of us outside the US are worried about y'all.