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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

No Pee Breaks From Reality

House o' cards. Livin' it rn.


David Oakes said...

I wish they were as competent as "House of Cards"...

Anonymous said...

Don't be too harsh to yourself. Even people who fight for the right cause need a break every now and then! Otherwise you risk getting exhausted too fast!

Ms Hen's said...

What anonymous said :)(take a rest too at times) .. My friend in Manhattan sent me a pink pussy crochet cat hat.. but I'll get killed on Staten Island, ... this is the only borough who voted predominantly Republican :(

Seriously after cancer and I'll still healing myself.

Need more young and robust folks to take up the course.. they'll be around much longer and should care.

emma of staten island ,nyc

anna in spain said...

There's no "back" button on life, either.