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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I Kill Conversations Like Flies

If anyone wants tips, I can give a workshop ;)

(Bonus Comic: New McSweeney's old maid column is up! You can read it here.)


LT said...

I kill conversations too; I'm like a conversation serial killer, often because I accidentally make analogies that make people uncomfortable, followed up with an awkward retraction. Like now, when I try to explain that I'm not really a serial killer.

anna in spain said...

As long as you don't talk on the phone to someone, tell them something really important, and realise they eased the reciever down at some point in the conversation...and you've been talking to yourself...and have no idea when they bailed on you.

Yup. It happened to me once, about 20 yrs ago.

Still hurts.