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Friday, January 16, 2015

All the Men

7 years, New York. 7 years.


Unknown said...

1-Find out where they hold the meetings. 2-Attend disguised as a dock work. 3-Take notes,finding out what they don't like about you. 4- Leave,and continue to do what they don't like about you. If may borrow some widom from a famous sailor: You yam what you yam and that's all what you yam!

Unknown said...

Trust to know that many of the men are feeling the same way.

I do not know but appears that both sides are just waiting for that perfect person to drop out of the sky. We see that our friends have found love and they seem so perfect, so we are waiting for that type person to come along for each of us. In the end, we ignore what is right in front of us because they are not perfect. Sadly some feel that if you have waited all this time, perfection should be a natural reward.

It's like we never stopped playing musical chairs and all the good ones were taken back when we were in our twenties.

Connie, I pray you find someone. Some of have to make it to dating happiness :)

bassgirl said...

I lived alone for 7 years (magic number?) and about that time decided I didn't WANT to meet someone. I was perfectly content. Then, BOOM, there he was! I think we give off a different vibe when we are not looking... And he may be lurking in the most unexpected place, as Karen said, right in front of you! *hugs*

On to New Mistakes said...

It sure feels that way. From the guy's side, few things hurt more than only getting dates from gals who don't know you, or have the wrong impression, and leave as soon as they do get to know you. From all the others it's the "F" word, as in ijuswannabefrenz. Women don't/won't date their friends. Thankfully, I found an old friend who did, and we both found treasure in what everyone else missed.