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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Single Forever

The single forever mentality sure is a lot of work. ;)


Anonymous said...

With every comic I become more and more convinced we are twins somehow! Haha love your work!!! Hits home for real.

Crowbar of Comics said...

Oh sweety, I know that feeling a little too well. Take the advice I never will. You can never be good enough to deserve people's love, but it is okay because love is unconditional. Otherwise, we can be old and miserable together.

Coming at you from sillicon valley where the the gender ratio is well, you've actually addressed the gender ratio here.

Ms Hen's said...

Wow, I know many people after a divorce like this.. always working on oneself. I guess a good way to not get jaded or give up on finding true love.

emma, of s.i... nyc originally Bensohurst Brooklyn B&B Owner. :)