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Monday, April 07, 2014

Imposter Syndrome

I figure...if you feel a little bit unworthy, then you're probably doin' it right. ;)

Update: Thanks to everyone who made it out to MoCCA Arts Fest over the weekend and all the amazing cartoonists and comics lovers who inspire me daily!

Heart full of joy. Thank you :)


Mario the Artisan Rogue said...

I agree and raise that with a Snoopy dance!

SiFraser said...

Sorry , I have to edit you here. I suggest rewording it thus:-

"If you go to a place where everyone loves your work and respects your ability and intelligence"

JB said...

I know this feeling well.

Robit said...

I'm so pissed! I totally spaced and trying to catch you at MOCCA, I didn't even realize you'd be there! Fooey, until next time then! Hope you had a blast! I sure did!

gary said...


Charles Schultz had many hurdles and was rejected numerous times before getting a break. When he started more insecure than most.



historypak said...
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