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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Connie Wonnie Color Prints

So jazzed about MoCCA Arts Fest this weekend! Come check it out if you're in NYC! I'll be at C27.

I made mini comics and prints for the show and am excited to show you a peek at what I've been working on.

If you can't make it to MoCCA Fest this time, but would like to purchase a print, I'll be setting up an online store later this month. Thanks for reading - and stay tuned!

(click on images to enlarge)
11x17 color prints

8.5x11 color prints


Petra said...

I already have my eye on one comic. Can't wait for the grand opening of your store!

Anonymous said...

Will you be selling signed prints?

Unknown said...

I will work the overtime, at the end of the semester, to pay for a signed print of the "F-ing Invincible" comic. Today was the first nice day of Spring and the couples were out in force at the church service today. All of the couples and their kids reminded me of the opening of The Lion King. Thinking of that comic reversed the sadness and got me to laugh a bit.

Anonymous said...

Love to have one of the cartoon you did about your unimpressed little brother. so sweet!