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Friday, August 16, 2013

Live Let Live

Less rage. More love.


Anonymous said...

Love this!

D. said...

Hi Connie!

Since I am checking your postings every now and then (and always go all the way back in time until I reach the ones I have already seen), I thought you might like to know. Pardon my English, it is not my mother tongue (I am Lithuanian).

Your style is cosy and comforting, I find relief in your pictures. I would also like to express my sympathy (your recent posts seem a little on the sad side) - if only I knew how. But I do not.

Well, keep posting and take care!

Anonymous said...

D. - Trust me, you did just fine. Sometimes it's the message, not the words, that says what you need. :)

Connie Sun said...

I second Anon :)

Warm thanks, D. I am touched by your note and I take comfort in knowing that there are people as thoughtful as you. Best wishes to you :)