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Friday, August 09, 2013

Ego Crushing Advice

At least 3 people on 3 separate occasions gave me the same advice this week.

This is still how it feels inside, but maybe my ego will come around eventually :)


Anonymous said...

tell your pal you'd rather die alone than "walk the plank"!

Unknown said...

Hahaha, totally agree!

Ibid said...

My ex-gf was furious when I suggested an OKCupid account.

The problem is that if I do what interests me I won't find myself anywhere near single women.

Flourish Art Therapist said...

I chuckled at the discrepency. Captain Sparrow and dating advice: genius! By the way, there's a book called, "Dating makes you want to die". I recommend it for us folks who think this dating thing is cockle-spat. I could say that comfortably as a woman who found a wonderful 2 year relationship with her now-bf through craigslist.