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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Practicing Self-Hugs

It's important to practice self-hugs, especially in tense times. Every little bit counts.

New sketchbook drawing. Everyone, take care.

Connie on Ko-fi

Diary comic, sketchbook drawing about giving yourself a hug and practicing self-love in difficult times, by Connie Sun, cartoonconnie


Robert said...

The groups who are uniting to protest violence against Asians could probably use a person with your artistic talents to create posters and placards to get out the message.

Your talent would grow, and you could find a new community to add to your life.

And they would be indeed lucky to have you as a member.

anna in spain said...

I have done the self-hug thing too. Did we see the same drama? Currently watching "Revolutionary Sisters", which takes place during the pandemic. Everyone wears masks...until they get in a building, even if it's a police station, down goes the mask! (Yes, I know they're actors who have to be understood when they speak, but it's not a v. good example.)