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Friday, January 15, 2021

The Joy Of Lint

Our world is topsy-turvy right now (and maybe it always has been). 

This week, I listened to a panel of writers and editors give their best advice to new writers. Nicole Chung, panelist and author of All You Can Ever Know, offered this reminder, which I am paraphrasing: you have a right to whatever joy you can find in these difficult times. It's okay to find the fun in your work and play, especially now.

I needed to hear it and so I'm sharing it, in case you need the reminder too.

Take care and thanks for reading

Cartoon illustration about finding joy wherever ever we can, journal comic, writers, quotes, sketchbook drawing by Connie Sun, cartoonconnie

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anna in spain said...

I stopped making to-do lists and started making got-done lists. Anything counts, from dusting a single shelf to getting out of bed or brushing your teeth. If you did it, even if you'll have to do it again tomorrow or later in the same day, it counts. At the end of the day it's a great boost to see what I actually accomplished.