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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Emperor Wears No Mask

I believe strong leaders should be better examples to their followers and those who trust them. 

We can disagree politically, but airborne disease is straightforward. It doesn't care about our politics.

emperor penguin illustration, sketchbook, drawing, pandemic, wear a mask, editorial cartoon by connie sun, cartoonconnie


TeresaA said...

that is true. funny how diseases do not care about denial....

anna in spain said...

All over the Western world leaders are playing catchup. First encourage people to go to restaurants...then return to total lockdown due to rise in cases. Hold a pseudofeminist rally saying "domestic violence kills more than Covid" and then watch 60K people die in three months. Tell people it will all go away...and they will hope that leader goes away.

SE Asia has it right. Protect yourself by following the three simple Ws: Wear a Mask, Wash your Hands, Watch your Distance. If everyone wears a mask, infected or not, the probability of contagion drops to about 2%. How hard is that to comprehend?

Impossible, for some it seems.