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Thursday, July 02, 2020

The Best I Can Do Today

These have been heavy weeks. The best I can do varies from day to day, but I'm trying. I'd like to think most of us are.

Side note: I wear a mask when in public and around other people because it helps keep the virus from spreading further. It's a small thing, but I do it simply out of respect for everyone around me.

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Anonymous said...

I hear you, Connie. I wear my mask when I go out. When I go for a drive to keep my car battery running, I could cry. It almost feels normal but I know it isn’t. Stay safe

anna in spain said...

If a healthy person wears a mask, and a person with Covid wears a mask, the probability of contagion drops to around 2%. Well worth a bit of discomfort.

As Hawkeye Pierce once told Father Mulcahey in an episode of MASH: Best is best.
Or as a friend of mine in college, a rabbi, once told me: If you know you're doing your best, God doesn't ask for mor. And if man asks for more, that's his problem.