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Friday, May 22, 2020

The Year Of Bread

I've been learning how to make breads I grew up with, like mantou (steamed buns), huajuan (twisted rolls), and congyou bing (stovetop scallion bread). It has been comforting and stress-relieving, if also fattening :p

Still, I'm enjoying being a total beginner at something in these days of upheaval and uncertainty.

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anna in spain said...

Giving ourselves permission to fail at a new hobby is so freeing. I am a self-taught quilter, mostly using other people's scraps or abandoned projects. When I actually spent on yardage I would feel so inhibited, so I would ask my husband, "If I ruin it, are you going to care?" "No." That gives me permission to fail, the pressure is off, and I do better than I would trying to get it just right.