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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Growing Old Pains

Everything about adulthood aches a little.
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anna in spain said...

Wait till your late 50s, Connie. Just you wait. I've got a fierce attack of sciatica and two important articles to proofread. Can't sleep, can't stay awake. Even White Flower Oil let me down.

WaitingMan said...

Mid-60s here. Threw my back out stepping out of the shower this morning. Only hurts when I move. Enjoy your 'youth' while you can, Connie.

TeresaA said...

Adulting is hard. And Ibuprofen is my best friend these days

Bookworm said...

Mid-70's and still no artificial parts, but my knees are letting me know it won't be long. I've learned that I just have to find a way through pain of all types.

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