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Friday, August 23, 2019

Creative Anxiety Spiral

Oh my gawd. Please, stop.
Sincerely, Elephant

New comic about self-doubt and the creative process. This is one of my more irritating habits of mind ;)
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anna in spain said...

Every adult in the world thinks that every other adult in the world is better at what they do than themselves. We all think we're fakes, and that some day we're gonna get caught.

Oh, well--except total narcissists like Trump, who thinks whatever idea is wandering through his mind at any given moment is Absolute Truth. Never mind that said Truth changes every five minutes.

WaitingMan said...

Every statement in drawings 3,4,5 and 6 are demonstrably false. I read close to 100 comics daily. "Connie to the Wonnie" is one of my two favorites (Sally Forth is the other). Try to stay positive and keep up your wonderful work!

Linda said...

ahhhh I identify with this so much! Take heart - you're someone who is "doing what I want to do... but is better at it." Cry/laugh.

elizabethleery said...
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