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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Totally Normal Day

Sometimes I try really hard to be socially normal when everything in me wants to be awkward. New journal comic.

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Painter and photographer out on the town. said...

Yeah it resonates so loudly I have to cover my ears. My newest work in paper is a series entitled "Awk-werd"

WaitingMan said...

When you are not normal, few things are more exhausting than trying to pretend that you are. After decades of trying, I rarely make the effort anymore. The people that know me best understand.

anna in spain said...

Struggling every day to "get better" and being disappointed every day because I'm not, and never will be "better." Every day a new failure. If all our critics could just for one moment see life from our perspective they'd know that on our bad days it takes all we've got just to function.