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Friday, July 20, 2018


There's lonely and there's introvert-lonely. ;)


WaitingMan said...

I feel like I'm looking in a mirror when I read this comic.

anna in spain said...

Me too, Waiting Man. This is my life.

At least we're not alone.

Brinda said...

I am always so confused. I want to have fun but I am not able to reach out to people. I'm tiring to myself too.

anna in spain said...

@Brinda: as I used to tell my spouse when I had panic attacks: "You think it's hard to watch? You ought to be in here with it!" Other people can turn their noses up and walk away. I have to live with me.

I wish I had a choice.

Nikita said...

I feel like I need a group of people who aren't trying to be happy all the time...and accept me for who I am...?

I guess that takes years of work to develop! It's just hard when you have to start somewhere...

In the absence of that, I wish I could just go to some small town where no one knows me with pretty trees and never talk to anyone.