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Friday, May 04, 2018

The Fun of Being Single



Spider42 said...

I'm single. And I love it. But no, I don't really complain about it ever.
Other people - now THEY complain I'm single :D

anna in spain said...

@Spider: that's like choosing to remain childless though married. People get so hostile! Thirty years ago here in Spain contraceptives were new, and looked down upon. Women would walk up to me and lay a hand on my belly and say, "What about this? When?" as if I were something in a shop window. Or they would look accusingly at me and say: "You're using birth control!"
As if it were any of their business. They'd tell me how much I "needed" to have a baby, and I would reply: "Well I see you with your kids..."

LollyLee said...

@anna in spain, women like you are my inspiration. The society is made up of people who refuse to think for themselves, and people who decide to almost always get attacked. The model for life the society has mapped out for us all is actually not universal. Not all of us are going to get married. Not all of us are going to have children. Yet all children are raised with the idea that they should all aspire to these things.

LollyLee said...

Btw I posted this at 11:51 pm South African time. 😁

anna in spain said...

Thank you, Lolly. Nice to know I'm an inspiration to someone in the world.

I was raised in the Midwestern US in the 1960s. We were taught that "every little boy can become the President" and by extension, that every little boy should become president of Something. By my highschool years, this extended to little girls. We were all "special" and should have a "vision" or a "passion". I wore myself out for decades trying to find my quest. Guess what? I don't have one. And that's perfectly fine.

I'm having my happy childhood now!