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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Full Cycle Fashion

Why, why do history and fashion keep repeating??


Anonymous said...

It's noteworthy that it's quite natural for things to repeat themselves. It's a very recent development in our culture to think that things keep going forwards.

In ancient Egypt and a lot of other cultures they thought time itself was more a circle than a line. They followed the seasons, after the king died another one came, until he died and then another came and so. The water of the Nile rose and sunk, rose and sunk, rose and sunk.

In some sense it's more surprising when things don't repeat :)

Ms Hen's said...

Love the above reply :).. I think there are not that many more options or new styles. just a bit of a twist on things.. nothing really new.

Anonymous said...

You have look at the positive side: One day your favourite style will come back. That sweater you loved but you dint wear because it's too much out of fashion? It'll come back some day:)

anna in spain said...

I just wish someone would explain to me, the extremely short shorts with nylons. Girl, if you're cold, wear something that covers your legs!!