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Monday, September 12, 2016

A Lot Has Happened in 15 Years

Glad you're in my life.


Ms Hen's said...

Thank you. Your strips uplifted me the last few days. Just at 55 years old in Staten Island NYC finished with Cervix Cancer Stage 3 cancer.. and went on 2 dates... and even at my age can relate to all you write about life; introverts; dating; spirituality; friendships; etc. Grew up as the youngest of 5 and brother handing me all the super hero comics .. and other comics... forgot my love for comic strips until NOW. Thank you. :)

Emma Emerson :)

Connie Sun said...

Thanks for reading, Emma - means a lot. Power to you in all stages of love, creativity, and renewal. :)

CeeJay said...

Thanks for the expression, "Well,you're a trunk-ful". I'm still smiling today.