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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sometimes I Feel Like A Deli Sandwich

It's humbling.

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Unknown said...

You're assuming that all of us have privilege.

WOMBAT said...

Carl Schaeffer- you just used yours.

Ethyl Formate, AKA http://thelma.smugmug.com/ said...


Nikita said...

This sentiment is one of the nuances that I always appreciate about your work. A lot of people associate "privilege" with WHITE privilege, without realizing that there are many different kinds of privilege and oppression. You always acknowledge that you have a little of both, as do all of us.

anna in spain said...

Education, even at its most basic level, is a privilege for a huge proportion of the world's population. For a surprisingly large percentage, it is an impossible dream. I am privileged to be able to read and write. I can't remember a time when I could not read (I'm told I started to read for myself at age 3). Without books, my life would be a wasteland.