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Monday, June 27, 2016

Not My Fairy Godmother

Inspired by Michael Rosen's poem.

"Fascism arrives as your friend. 
It will restore your honour, 
make you feel proud, 
protect your house, 
give you a job, 
clean up the neighbourhood, 
remind you of how great you once were, 
clear out the venal and the corrupt, 
remove anything you feel is unlike you..."


Anonymous said...


anna in spain said...

If you want to scare yourself, just picture this one: Trump as US president, Boris Johnson as UK Prime Minister!! (Hold me someone, I'm scared...)

People have told me that Johnson "just plays dumb" and he's actually a genius. A genius who acts like a fool is twice a fool, IMO.

Emerarudo エメラルド said...

Just give me a reaaaly big flyswatter and I'll take care of that creepy un-fairygodmother.

Unknown said...

This is brilliant!