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Monday, August 17, 2015

Spiritual Pet Peeves

Update: I'm taking a short daily cartooning break for a work trip. Back on Friday.

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LT said...

I always assumed it was a way to differentiate from the zealots. I'm religious, but not in a "crazy, doesn't believe in evolution, claims to follow Christ but am actually a total hypocrite" way.

Unknown said...

But there are people that are not spiritual because doesn't believe that the persons has a spirit. In the other hand, for many people if you think that people has an spirit, they assume that you must have a religion, which is not necessarily true.

Cilliers said...

I wonder a bit about this, Connie: Isn't the "spiritual" person saying that none of the religious creeds fit their particular set of intuitions and beliefs, and/or that the latter are incomplete and provisional but subject to their keen interest, investigation and evaluation? Isn't that OK, and perfectly sensible besides? What else could one then say, as a first general description of your position? And what prevents you (Connie) from getting more information by asking them what they mean?

Anonymous said...

ha, thank you! one of my peeves too.

anna in spain said...

Every person has a different idea of what their personal philosophy or creed is, anyway. If you talked to a large group of any people who profess to hold the same philosophy or religious convictions (or call it what you will) you would get a slightly different slant or emphasis from each one.

I am a Christian who has read the Bible in three different languages, multiple times, and will continue to do so. I attend worship services regularly. I also sit zazen.

I am who I am.
Be who you are.