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Monday, June 15, 2015

Reverse Role Model

I'll take it.

Update: Look for my new old maid column in McSweeney's today!


Anonymous said...

But those shades... it's worth it.

We should have something like an Asian American Association of Artists and Philosophers (AAAAP) just to counteract the lack of confidence our own community displays towards us...

Riz said...

Oh no...what if some muppets (people) out there are playing the 'cautionary tale' card to improve everyone's utility. Now I don't know who to pity and who to respect!

Nikita said...

Except for the fact that you are clearly a very thoughtful and talented person, so I don't see why anyone WOULDN'T want to be like you!

...also, I second the motion for the AAAAP.

Chinki the Pinki said...

Hi Connie, love your cartoons! Made my own in response to this one (https://www.facebook.com/ChinkiThePinki/photos/a.393269441023030.1073741828.392192687797372/450379998645307/?type=3&theater). Hope you like it!
Happy cartooning :)
Chinki the Pinki