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Friday, March 13, 2015

So Keep Going?

Update: 900 this week. Thanks for reading along, everyone. Comics totally saves lives!

Plus: I'll be at MoCCAFest in a month! If you're in the neighborhood, say hi!


Anonymous said...

Like your blog, found it some time ago. Like the elephant too!

Edward said...

Indeed, please do keep saving your life.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please keep going. I look forward to your stories every day!

Ace said...

Yes Connie.Please do keep going.Some days your posts are just the only thing that keep me going.They bring much needed cheer on really gloomy days.Also congrats on the 900th.

Victoria Madden said...

I love the elephant.

Your site is rather marvellous too.

Do you publish them as posters or postcards? - I think you'd find a huge market for such a talent.

Definitely keep going!