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Friday, December 19, 2014

My Dream Therapist

yaasss. Happy Friday :)


Crowbar of Comics said...

Art is therapy.

SiFraser said...

Virtual hugs.

Flourish Art Therapist said...

As an art therapist in training, I'm going to say that if you need cuddle therapy, there ARE people out there who will do that, including sex workers. The ethics of touching as a therapist is so laden, you would need to ask if it's alright. And yes, Art can be therapy, but Art can a harsh, demanding mistress who won't always comfort you.

Eileen Serra said...

There is a form of abstract art therapy that helps me. Line and color convey feeling, right? You can probably picture the heaviness of an angry line, or the lightness of how you'd draw happiness as a line or color.

You can help your mind start building the connections and move forward toward solving what's bothering you by drawing it out. Plus putting things on paper gets it out of your head.

Don't judge, don't try to make it into anything. Just scribble out the "problem" letting your intuition lead you to draw it in whatever line, shape or color it wants. Then start fresh on a new page and draw an abstract of the "solution."

Do this with however many areas you'd like to work on, and it will help lift your spirits, and help you gain fresh insights. I like that it helps when things are bothering you but you can't really put them into words yet.

Sleep and cozy blankets and pillows also help. Or a massage.

anna in spain said...

The problem in our modern world is that all physical contact has become sexualised, particularly in the English-speaking countries. In my country it is customary for good friends to greet each other with a kiss on the cheek, or on both. I have to remember that people from the UK/US/etc have a much wider personal space and will most likely step sharply backward and become hostile.

If you go around looking for a hug therapist, you may find a great deal more than you were hoping to find...not much of it pleasant.

Bubbly_23 said...

Yes please!