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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's Complicated

FUN NEWS: My idea for a comic strip column was picked up by McSweeney's!
It will be about the creative process and is called "How to Find Love: Lessons from an Old Maid." This is either an amazing opportunity or I've made a terrible mistake.  Huge thanks to McSweeney's for the honor & congrats to fellow contest winners!
Today's Strip: Cartoonists give realistic advice, unfettered by optimism. ;)


Zendater said...

No rules on saying that you can't have the best of both..Creative sh*#t happens on both sides of the fence!

Fieke said...


Elvin said...

Great job on getting your strip picked up by McSweeney's. I look forward to it. And yes, that is an amazing opportunity.

Simon Fraser said...

Congratulations Connie. That's spectacular!

Also, you don't have to choose.