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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Taking a Break

Taking a short break to attend a conference in the Netherlands.

Bringing my sketchbook; leaving my elephant. ;)

Updates when I return. Have a great week and thanks for reading, everyone!

Watercolor sketch, 2014


Crowbar of Comics said...

I know that feeling.
Enjoy your trip.

Lucy said...

The watercolor is beautiful! It certainly looks inspired to me. :) Hope it's a fruitful break.

Zendater said...

Don't go all Van Gogh on us now..have a nice time.

Unknown said...

Have a nice trip... Will miss your daily cartoons but greatness needs a break.

SiFraser said...

That's some pretty darned good art in Holland. Go be inspired!

Robit said...

Cheers to you, Ma'am!

Andrea said...

That's shatteringly gorgeous.