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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Worst Version of Yourself

I'm workin' on it, Louie ;)

(Inspired by Louis CK quote.)


Unknown said...

Yeah, I remember my father saying something similar to that, in my early years. He asked me would I want to date someone like myself.

We didn't have a great relationship.... :)

The thing is Connie, you have been giving a voice to so many of us and that is beauty that can not be measured.


Karen Marie

Crowbar of Comics said...

The most damaging part is that because it is private, it feels like it is more you than the parts you show in public.

So, the other half of this is realizing that it carries no more weight than the rest of you.

Well, um, I guess that is all. Enjoy the long weekend. May you meet many shirtless hunks.

Rachel AB said...

Yes! Accept all of our parts, especially the parts we incessantly judge as unpresentable, ugly, getting in the way, well, judge...

And you captured beautifully just how hard that is! Thank you! :)

Zendater said...

Thanks Connie for your wonderful insight.I just finished up on watching "Dear Mr.Watterson"..Keep exploring! You are an explorer!