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Friday, March 21, 2014

Negative Productivity

Free, unstructured time is very, very...tricky.


Unknown said...

I know this all too well. My solution: if it is anything involving writing, I use a typewriter. If I use a computer, I will be on Facebook and YouTube all day.

Crowbar of Comics said...

Relaxing is a very time-consuming but very important part of the creative process in which you free your mind and come up with unique ideas, but lighting a fire under your butt so that you actually see them to fruition is also important.

Yes, I know this from personal experience, last night I was pretty diligent into jumping straight into cartooning. I got an early start of 10 PM.

Unknown said...

Dear goodness I know what you are saying Connie. I have had days off of work and school and then hear, in the background a TV show that i know is aired four or five hours during my normal work shift. I freak out because I know that not only have I lost all of the time during the hours before I would have gone to work but, also four hours of time that I would have been at work.

Many times I have had the day off and its 5pm or 6pm before I am mowing the lawn or dragging out a ladder or washing my car.

As always, Connie you rock and God bless yah'

Artist XXY said...

This was the poster I bought from you at MOCCA Fest 2014! :D
I clipped it up on my desk hoping it motivates me to avoid negative productivity. Well... I like it very much there but also even the great power of cartoons does not help me feel more motivated to work more than slack.

Artist XXY said...

My apologies, I meant "alas" not "also".